We have the ability to gain insight into the industry experience,and we have a group of dedicated Marketing people with abundant Marketing thinking. LOUDER is set up to provide customers with professional and quick feedback. And other companies of the group as a powerful resource centre to provide customers with high quality and cost-effective services.
Louder Group, since 1994, promote the brand integrated marketing, practice and application.
We have fortune experiences of serving Global 500 customers.
We have our own factory and more than 200 employees. The factory covers more than 20,000 square meters and is equipped with more than 2,000 square meters of logistics warehouse.
We have the efficient implementation network covering the whole country.
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The following is a brief introduction to our company's service characteristics.
Louder Advertisement is set up to provide customers with professional and quick feedback..You can choose this kind of "be of two minds": confidence, perseverance, determination, willing to creative.
In 1994, Americo AD. was created. In 1997, Americo was acquired by 4A group and owned by Omnicom. In 2008, Americo operated independently to buy back all its shares. In 2009, the company grew up to 90 employees. In 2016, integrated company resources, Americo changed name to Louder. We are committed to providing professional integrated marketing services for more brands.
Here we have a group of creative partners to provide customers with innovative ideas that you can't imagine. Our work is not only widely praised, but also can combine with market demand, give the biggest promotion support to customers, with the least amount of money to achieve the maximum effect. We always keep up with the times, and never stop.
Our creative teams are almost full of members of 90s generation. We are young and vitality, and also the backbone of the team. Our work does not go on in the dull, but can often hear the laughter from the outside. We learn knowledge from play and inspire new thinking. Our team is strong and the members get along well with each other.
“Design Is Not Just What It Looks Like And Feels Like. How It Works.”
– Steve Jobs