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For many years, Jahwa has been concerned about medical skin care area and Chinese skin health. In 2003, a batch of overseas doctors returned and joint professional dermatologist and major medical institutions. "skin problems from medical care" as an idea to establish "effective skin care research center", is committed to improve and enhance the sub healthy state of Chinese skin.
Dr.Yu focuses on research on the causes of various skin problems, and gathers the top academic researchers in the field of dermatology at home and abroad to carry out product development, emphasizing the practical effects of products on skin problems. Today, Jahwa converts years of research into actual products, and aims to help consumers solve multiple skin problems in daily skin care using the principle of skin medicine.
CLIENT: Dr.Yu      DATE: AUGUST, 2016       SERVICES: Wechat & Weibo
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According to the brand concept, our design is fresh, lively and scientific. mint green is the overall tone, that making the brand younger and expanding the consumption group. We are responsible for the network operation of WeChat and Weibo, and also send regular weekly articles and pictures, and articles are on hot topics and festival information.